Tradorax Account Types

Tradorax offers four different types of accounts in accordance with the financial preferences of its users. There is a Mini account, a Silver account, A Gold account, and a VIP account.

Mini Account

When a trader signs up with this account, he can use the web and mobile platform and can also access the education center with the services of a personal broker that include one to two trading sessions once a week.

Silver Account

By signing up with the Silver Account, traders get 2 percent extra for every trade and twice a week access to the personal broker with three to four lessons, in addition to the above mentioned features. It also offers a unique feature of Signal Group and 0.5 percent cash back.

Gold Account

With the Gold account, traders get 1 percent cash back, signal group feature, five to six lessons with a personal broker thrice a week, and 3 percent extra for every trade, in addition to the access to the education center and web-based platform. They also get 1 risk free trade on a monthly basis when they sign up for this account.

VIP Account

Although, a trader has to invest a higher amount to sign up with this account, but it offers a number of features that allow them to expand their options while trading. Traders get 4 percent extra for every trade, 2 percent cashback, 2 risk free trades per month, signal group, and 7 to 8 lessons of a personal broker 4 times a week.

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