Three main reasons why I switched to Tradorax exclusively

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Chris J

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On February 8, 2014
Last modified:June 17, 2014


Main reason I like Tradorax is because I generated $4k of profit in the past 3 days haha. No but seriously, their platform is really strong. Try it if you can.

I used to trade at AnyOption (I also recommend them, but I switched to Tradorax exclusively for a few simple reasons:

1) Their Cashier is extremely quick and easy to fund account – and more importantly, I get my cashouts in 24 hours

2) Their trading interface kicks ass. Trust me, it just does. If you haven’t tried it yet, please give it a shot, it will be blatantly obvious to you why it’s better.

3) Customer Support is very engaging and helpful. These days, it’s so hard to know who to trust and who has your back. I had a problem with registering for my Tradorax account (not their fault, it’s because I’m an idiot when it comes to typing! hehe). Guess who helped me? Tradorax support called me within 5 minutes, it was really more like 2 minutes, and it was all sorted.

There are hundreds of brokers out there. Do not fall for them. Stick with the best – for me, that happens to be Tradorax. I’ll update you all later with more info to help your members. Regards, Jake B.

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